Monday, June 15, 2009

Welcome drink at a ryokan (Japanese-style hotel)

Hello, everyone. We went to a trip to Gero in Gifu prefecture this weekend. Gero is a popular hot spring resort, and we stayed at a ryokan (Japanese-style hotel).

Most ryokan will serve you a welcome drink at the lounge or your room. Usually, it will be sencha (most common green tea). When we arrived this ryokan, they served matcha (powdered green tea) at the lounge. I was very happy to have matcha. A little bit of disappointment was that the matcha was a little watery. I guess it is the taste treat for everyone. Even in Japan there are many people who are not used to matcha. I’d prefer a little bit more strong one though. Anyhow, I appreciated the nice arrangement of the ryokan, which we could have a relaxing moment with matcha at the lounge while viewing a nice courtyard.

Hiro & courtyard

Heve a nice day!

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