Wednesday, June 3, 2009

About The Way of Tea

Hi, everyone!

What idea do you get from the tram of “The Way of Tea”?

Before taking the lessons, a rough image of drinking matcha (powdered green tea) was my only idea of The Way of Tea. The Way of Tea is called sado (chado) or chanoyu in Japanese. I can say The Way of Tea is just drinking tea activities, but the tea drinking culture matured into a performing art by certain manner and according to a certain order. I’ve realized specially designed tea rooms or places, and utensils are also important elements of The Way of Tea.

Now I really enjoy the tea lessons. I though the traditional tea culture could be somber and daunting before I began. I was not quite right. I don’t only like drinking matcha, but also love the atmosphere. With my poor English it’s difficult to explain it to the people who have not experienced. Anyway, you can talk in the tea room, but there is still a quiet aura. You would hear water boiling and some sounds from movements of the host preparing your tea. You wait till your tea is ready by sitting on your legs. The flowers and art put out at tokonoma (special place in tea room) and rustic utensils amuses your eyes. I guess all these experiences make tea taste better and make me interested in The Way of Tea.

I have another lesson tonight. I’m looking forward to it. Talk to you soon!

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