Friday, June 26, 2009

Hojicha at a neighborhood noodle restaurant

Good morning, everyone!

We had a dinner at a nearby noodle restaurant. Hiro had miso-nikomi noodle. I had zaru-soba, which is my favorite. Zaru-soba is a meal that comes soba noodle and soy-based sauce separately. I really like it and most of the time order zaru-soba at noodle restaurants.

The tea served at the restaurant was Hojicha (roasted green tea). It was very hot and came in a typical yunomi cup. The white yunomik cup was tall and thick. It has comfortable wavy pattern in design and warm atmosphere. I think it is good for winter. The cup is a popular style and I like the wavy design.

This morning when I was having breakfast, I watched shocking news on TV, which was that Michael Jackson in cardiac or respiratory arrest has been taken to a hospital. And some US medias were already reporting his death. I listened to his music and watched his videos a lot when I was a student. I’m sorry for the passing of a talented artist.

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