Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Small linen cloth for tea (chakin)

Hi, everyone!
The other day, I went to a tea shop and got the small cloth for tea.

The small cloth for tea is a 30*15cm white linen cloth called chakin that is used to clean a tea bowl at *temae. There is a certain way to hold the cloth and to wipe a tea bowl with it in The Way of Tea.

My wife; Hiro needed the cloth to practice how to handle it. We’ve had tea bowls, a tea whisk, tea scoop, and natsume (container for matcha), but not the cloth. We had been substituted Kleenex or dishcloth for the tea cloth. So, we went to a tea shop. The shop had two different price chakin. We got a cheap one (pictures above). I was worried if it's too supple or shoddy. I like firm fabric chakin. It's easier to fold to me. We took it home and used it. It was not bad. The chakin is firm enough and easy to handle. I hope the chakin don’t get worn-out easily and lasts long(^-^)v We'll see.

Talk to you soon!

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