Monday, June 29, 2009

Flower of the day, Jun 17 and 24

Hello, everyone. How was your weekend? I worked on our front yard. We want little fence and did foundation work on Saturday. It was very hot and I covered up to avoid sunburn.

The flower in a blue vase is blue chrysanthemum from Jun 17 lesson. It is smaller than regular chrysanthemum, and pretty, isn’t it?

Our master was not sure about the name of another flower from Jun 24 lesson. She got the flower from a friend of hers. She said it could be yamaboushi. But by looking up on the internet I think it is similar to Japanese stuartia. The flower was still in bud at the lesson, and next day it bloomed as in the picture.

The rainy season has just ended at Okinwa. At our region it is drawing to a close.
Take care

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