Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Playing the host for the first time

Hi, everyone!

We had the third lesson of May yesterday. It was a kind of important lesson for my wife, Hiro. She wore loose sweat pants so that she could sit with her legs folded for a long time. You could tell she was up and coming but also nervous though the lesson.

Yesterday Hiro played the host in the lesson for the first time. She has practiced parts of *temae, but this was the first time to do a whole temae run-through as a host. I played a guest; I sat and wait in the tea room. Hiro and our master came in the room. Our master moved beside Hiro, and was telling her each movement by words and gesture simultaneously with temae going. Hiro was concentrated to follow master’s instructions. She was too desperate to follow the instruction, so I guess she won’t be remember anything next time, ha-ha... Hiro’s movement was awkward and it took a long time to finish a whole temae. However, fortunately I could have one delicious tea! She could be good at making tea.

The walk way home, Hiro was talked and talked about the temae she did. Maybe because she was released from the stress. She said that she was tired but also happy and satisfied with the accomplishment. We are looking forward to next lesson.

Have a good day, everyone!

* Temae is series of procedures followed to prepare for making the tea, then to do the tea making and then to put things away.

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