Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hirademae brief steps

Hello, everyone! I hope you are well.

We had another lesson last night. As I mentioned at my blog of Jun 19, we have been practicing Hirademae. Today, I’d like to tell you about brief procedure of Hirademae. These pictures are me practicing temae at yesterday’s lesson.

1. Carry the utensils into the tea room.
Come and go three times to bring in all items
*Flesh-water container
*Tea bowl, tea whisk, tea scoop, small linen cloth, and matcha in natsume (container)
*Waste-water receptacle, lid rest and ladle

2. Purify the utensils.
Purify natusme, teascoop, tea whisk, and tea bowl

3. Make and serve the tea
Put matcha powder into the tea bowl.
Pour hot water into the tea bowl
Mix hot water and matcha with tea whisk
Serve the tea to guests

4. Purify the utensils
Purify tea whisk and tea scoop

5. Carry out the utensils from the tea room
Come and go three times to take out all items you brought in

A temae starts and ends with bow.
Have a nice day!!

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