Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Brewing sencha from friend

Good morning, everyone! Yesterday I tried the tea that I mentioned on Jun 7.

The good water temperature for sencha is 70-80 degrees C (158-175 degrees F). I poured boiling water into the teapot with no tea leaves, and then the hot water from the teapot into a water cooler (pitcher). I guess the temperature of the water became around 80 degrees C at this moment. I put the tea leaves into the teapot and poured the hot water, and waited for one minute.

When I pour the tea into the cups, the brewed tea was a nice sencha yellow, but didn’t smell as good as I expected. The tea leaves have very nice scent, so I had too much expectations, I guess. However when I drank it, I realized that it did have a nice aroma . When I took a sip, the green tea aroma spread inside my mouth and climbed though my nose. The taste was also perfect!! It has a great balance of comfortable bitterness and refreshing green tea flavor. This is the green tea flavor I like which really go with sweets!

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