Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We got vases

Hello, everyone!

Officially the rainy season started yesterday here in Aichi Japan. I don’t like rainy days much(^_^;) But if we don’t get much rain in this period, we’ll suffer a water shortage in the summer. So, I should welcome the rain \(^0^)/

We got five vases from our master at the last lesson! Before, we had told her that we have only one vase at home. Then she gave us five of them. How generous of her!!

The narrow-neck vases are for single-stem flower, called ichirinzashi the one of my favorite kind. They are pretty popular in The Way of Tea. We have a little niche for flower in our hallway, so we wanted small vases. The ichirinzashi our master gave us are perfect in size!

Thanks to our master.

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