Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Starting the Way of Tea lessons

Hello, everyone!

How are you doing?
It’s kind of exiting to start learning something new, isn’t it?

I used to take the Way of Tea lessons when I was a college student. But, since then I have been giving up taking lessons quite a while.

Don’t you have things that you want to keep learning but you actuary could not?

I started again taking the lessons this month. Yes!!

My master is an elder lady, who has been doing the Way of Tea for years. She says that she is taking the lessons for herself. Isn’t that amazing? She still has things to learn?? Wow! I guess the Way of Tea is very profound and may need your life time to learn. Anyway, she provides the lessons at home. Her house has a tea room. I live five minute away from her. I walk there every Wednesday night for the lessons.

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