Friday, June 12, 2009

Boiling water → Teapot → Mug = Temperature???

Hi, everyone! Everyone has their own way to cool down boiling water to the correct temperature for sencha (most common green tea), I guess.

As I write yesterday, I measured the temperature of actual water I used to infuse sencha. I usually pour boiling water into the empty teapot, and then pour the hot water from the teapot into the mug, then use the water to brew the tea.

Boiling water → Teapot → Mug = Water temperature???

Amount of boiling water : About 500ml
Room temperature : 21 degrees C
Tool : Mug(500ml) and Teapot (550ml) in the picture, and a thermometer

Generally, 70-80 degrees C (158-175 degrees F) of hot water is good for brewing sencha.
The water I used yesterday was…

76 degrees C !!!

Wow, it’s a perfect temperature (^0^)/ I’m glad that I have been preparing sencha with right water temperature. Was this the reason that I was good at brewing delicious green tea!? Ha, ha..

The result may differ in different conditions. If I have chances I’ll check it in different conditions, and let you know then.

Take care!

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