Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Deep-steamed sencha served at a tea shop

Hello, everyone! We went to a tea shop, Ochahiko in my town, to buy teas for year-end gift. We got a package of sencha and kabusecha for our tea master (picture on the right). I think it was kind of the same thing we got for the summer gift. We also got gyokuro for our parents.

At the tea shop, they served us a cup of sencha while we are waiting for the rapping. It was deep-steamed sencha. Brewed tea color was dark green, and it was darker than what I usually prepare. I think they used plenty of leaves to prepare the tea. It was strong, but wasn’t much bitter. It had rich green tea flavor and nice umami. I pretty liked it.

Our shop is closing between Dec.30 to Jan.5 for the winter holidays. I’m taking days off, so I won’t update this blog for a while. Thank you for visiting my blog, and I hope everyone has a great new year and all is well with you!! See you in the next year!

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