Friday, December 18, 2009

Removal tea strainer teapot

Hi, everyone. When you look for a teapot for Japanese tea, tea strainer will be one of an important factor to choose a pot. Today, let’s talk about a teapot with removal tea strainer.

Good things about a teapot with removal tea strainer are…
-There is no chance of pouring problems because of clogged strainers like with fixed tea strainers.
-It can prevent continued brewing of the tea by taking out the strainer with leaves when brewed tea still remains in a pot.
-It is easy to clean the strainer.
-It is relatively reasonable.
-These strainers are usually made of metal or plastic, and have fine mesh. So, it can be good for either regular or deep-steamed sencha.

There are some negative points about a teapot with removal tea strainer.
-The brewing space is not as large as fixed strainer teapots. Therefore, it does not brew quite as well as fixed strainer teapots.
-It is not good for preparing few serving. There is space below tealeaves with this kind teapot, and the leaves will not be soaked enough in little water.

I usually use this type of teapot for casual use, like my daily tea at work or at friends gathering. Please think about both merits and demerits of strainers when you look for a teapot. Take care and have a good weekend!

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