Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Haiyu kannyu sencha cup

How are you doing, everyone? Japanese people have a custom of doing a general year-end cleaning of both the inside and outside of their homes to greet the New Year. I used to do it in the last week of the year, but it has always been kind of stressful. So, we decided to do the cleaning little by little on each weekend in whole December. This weekend, I cleaned the bathroom, and Hiro did the cupboards and drawers in the kitchen (^-^)

The other day, I went to a potter’s studio to pick up new tea cups for my shop. The potter served me nice sencha with the cup. The cup is kannyu finished. Kannyu is cracking on the surface, which is created by difference of coefficients of clay and glaze. The cracking on a brand new piece (on the left in the picture) is not so obvious. As you use the cup the cracking appears more clearly and gives it a stately look (on the right). I think a charm of kannyu is that you can enjoy the gradual change in cracking expression as you use it, and make one-of-a-kind your own piece. I hope I can introduce it in the near future on our shop. Have a nice day!

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