Thursday, December 10, 2009

Regular sencha vs. Long (Deep) steamed sencha

Hey, everyone! I talked about Regular and Deep steamed sencha for the last two days. Today I’ll talk a little bit more about them.

Regular sencha
Color: Clear yellow
Taste: Great harmony of umami and bitterness

Deep-steamed sencha
Color: Greener and murkier than regular sencha by particles of broken leaves slipped through the strainer.
Taste: Richer than regular sencha but less bitterness, weaker aroma

These are general perceptions for regular and deep-steamed sencha. But, they are not always true. The tastes depend on area of production, producer, and grade. The picture is for my two minute brewed regular sencha and one minute brewed deep-steamed sencha. I don’t think my deep-steamed sencha has less bitterness than my regular sencha. They are almost the same, but the type of bitterness is different. Or I should say that those teas have different flavor. My regular sencha has rich earthy umami and the bitterness comes after. The straight bitterness and umami come together at the deep steamed sencha.
Popularity of each sencha varies by region. I like both types and have them daily. The process of finding your favorite tea is kind of fun, and I always look for a new tea myself. I hope you try some of these teas and find your own favorite. Have a nice day!


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