Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What are Regular sencha and Long steamed sencha

Hello, everyone! Sencha is the most common and produced green tea in Japan. Do you know that you can categorize sencha into two major types? When producing sencha, the tea leaves are steamed about 30 seconds, which is a regular steaming time. This is regular steamed sencha (on the right in the picture). It is called “sencha” or “futsu-sencha”, means regular sencha. Regular sencha does not mean regular quality sencha in Japan. It means regular steamed sencha. It’s kind of confusing, so you need to be careful about it. The other type is long steamed sencha (on the left), which is steamed about twice to three times longer than regular sencha is done. Longer steaming makes leaves more fragile and yellowish. Therefore, Long steamed sencha has more broken leaves and leaves are usually finer. Please look at the label at your sencha package. Does it tell you if it is “futsu-sencha” or “fukamushi-sencha”? If it doesn’t, look at your leaves and compare with the leaves in the picture here. Tomorrow, I will tell you about the brewing and teats of these sencha. Talk to you tomorrow!!

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