Friday, December 4, 2009

Cold green tea at misokatsu restaurant in Nagoya

Hi, everyone! Yesterday we took a half-day off, and went to an orchestra concert, which Hiro won as a prize from cosmetics. They played some Christmas music and popular songs everyone is familiar, so we could enjoy them very much. They played soft and beautifully sometimes, and sometimes powerful and dynamically. It was amazing to create one musical composition by many players. I thought this live was a kind of performing art!

Before the concert, we had dinner at a famous misokatsu restaurant in Nagoya, Yabaton. Misokatu is deep-fried breaded pork with miso-sauce. Misokatsu there was so-so to me. They served cold sencha in a glass. I like cold green tea with fried meal. Tea refreshes your mouth! Have a nice day!

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