Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our master showed us her temae.

Hi, everyone! This morning it snowed little in Seto. It doesn’t snow much here. It may be only several times in a season. I think it used to snow much more when I was a kid. An effect of global warming? I hope nations will reach an agreement at COP15.

Last night at the tea lesson, our master played a host and showed us her temae. It was the second time since Hiro started taking the lesson, and an important opportunity to us to see her temae. I watched her preparing the tea with eager curiosity, and was trying to learn anything from her performance. Her flowing movement was just beautiful and practical. Even attitude of her hands holding the tea bowl was nice and graceful, and different from our uncouth one. I notice that my movement was crude, especially when hitting the tea bowl edge with teascoop to flick off excess matcha remained on it. Our master’s gesture was gentler. I had a lot of things to learn by watching her temae. Have a nice day!

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