Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bottles of Japanese-brand green tea

Hello, everyone. It’s in December, now! A tea lover from Singapore told me that they can buy a bottle of Japanese-brand green tea there. It is “O-i, Ocha” from Itoen. It is also popular in Japan. When I found a bottle of sweated green tea in the US about fifteen years ago, it was a bit of shock. But times are changing. As you can find Japanese-brand tea at Singapore, I believe that now more overseas people can enjoy pure Japanese teas.

We of course have many brands for bottles of green tea. When I buy a bottle of tea, I usually choose one what my mood tells me at the moment. I’ve never seriously compared them. So, I thought this is a good time to see what we have in our market now. I got four bottles of major-brand tea, which you can find at any places here. They are standard sencha from major company, including “O-i, Ocha” from Itoen. These 500ml bottle beverages are usually sold at 150yen/each in Japan. I got them at 98yen/each on sale at a grocery store. Is it expensive or reasonable comparing to the price in your country? I’ll taste them and report it tomorrow. Have a nice day!

From the left
1. “O-i, Ocha” from Itoen
2. “Ayataka” from Coca-cola Japan
3. “Namacha” from Kirin
4. “Iemon” from Santory.

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