Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tasting bottles of Japanese green tea

How are you doing everyone? As I mentioned yesterday, I tried four bottles of major Japanese brand tea. They were different in taste, and all good. I don’t say one is good and another one is bad, it depends on your preference and occasions.

From the left
1. “O-i, Ocha” from Itoen
Color: Light yellowish orange
Taste: Good bitterness, a sense of roasted flavor
2. “Ayataka” from Coca-cola Japan
Color: Darkest in these four, little murky
Taste: Strongest, Full body, bitterness in the after taste
3. “Namacha” from Kirin
Color: Light yellow
Taste: Most mild in these four, mellow and sweet
4. “Iemon” from Santory.
Color: Green -yellow
Taste: Good bitterness, a sense of roasted flavor

I personally liked Namacha best. My wife Hiro liked O-i,Ocha best. O-i,Ocha and Iemon were similar. They both have pronounced flavor, but you can taste the flavor light after you sipped O-i,Ocha, and Iemon has the flavor in aftertaste. Now, I know the difference of these four, so I can choose a right bland at a right occasion.

Namacha: When you want to enjoy tea itself, the sweetness will be nice.
O-i,Ocha or Iemon: At meal, and when you are thirsty, the fine bitterness will refresh your mouth.
Ayataka: For teatime with confectionery, the rich flavor will suit with sweet.

This is my personal opinion. People will have different tastes in these green teas. You should try them yourself! Have a nice day!

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