Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tea and the AVATER

Happy New Year!! I’m back from my New Year holidays! We spent some time at my parents place and my wife's family home, and went a trip to Gero hot spring resort in Gifu prefecture. I have a lot of things I’d like to talk about. I’ll tell you about my holidays little at a time.

In the end of last year, I went to a theater for AVATER. It was my first 3D movie since CAPTAIN EO at Disneyland about two decades ago. First of all, it was amazing, and was the Hollywood type of film I was waiting for! It was a great entertainment.
3D glasses were handed out when I was getting in the theater. Somehow I was expecting cheap paper glasses, but actually they were quite good glasses (red ones in the picture). 3D effect was weird in the beginning, but I got used to it in a second. During the film it was pretty natural, and it helped drawing me into the story. The only difference from the real sight is that you can focus wherever you want in real vision, but you can’t in the 3D movie. There was only one focus point in the picture. Even if you wanted to look at background or foreground, usually they were little blurred. Of cause there were some scenes filmed with deep depth of field, and clear from foreground to background. The beautiful pictures are not only feature of this movie. I also enjoyed the story. I felt almost like exploring and learning a new planet “Pandora” myself with the main character. Communicating with natives, learning their culture, and building relationship with them were interesting.
By the way, what beverage do you usually have at a theater? Coke? In Japan, we of course have coke and some sodas. And also teas and coffee. I don’t remember if they had English tea, but I found oolong tea and green tea there. Green tea in a theater? It’s kind of Japanese, don’t you think? I had popcorn and oolong tea. Do you think popcorn with oolong tea is little strange? It is not that bad. Try it when you go to a theater in Japan.
May this year be happy and fruitful for everyone!!

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