Friday, January 22, 2010

Ceramic strainer teapot

Hi, everyone! Today is sunny, and a topical winter day here.

I talked about removal tea strainer teapots the other day. Today let me write about teapots with ceramic strainer.

Good things about a teapot with mounted ceramic strainer are…
- Lager space for tealeaves than removal strainer, which allows the leaves to expand well, and makes better tea.
- You can preparer few serving of tea with this type of teapots. Removal strainer teapots are not good at preparing few serving. Usually removal strainers are not deep enough to reach the bottom of teapots, so you need pretty of water to soak tealeaves when brewing.

There are some minor negative points with ceramic strainer
- The mesh is coarser than metal mesh. Therefore, small pieces of leaves can slip through.
- The dimensions of the strainer are smaller than removal type. Therefore, there is a chance of clogged mesh with tea leaves when pouring.

Standard ceramic strainer (on the left), Fine mesh ceramic strainer (on the right)

If you are looking for a teapot for derisions tea, go with mounted strainer teapot rather than removal strainer type!

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