Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thin tea and thick tea

What we have been practicing at lessons was “thin tea”. One and half scoop of matcha is used for one serving of thin tea, and each serving is made and served in an individual bowl. There is another tea called “thick tea”, which our muster served at the hatsugama. About the double amount of matcha is used for thick tea. Thick tea is shared in drinking with number of guests from one tea bowl.
While prepared thin tea is light green, thick tea is dark, deep green. As you sip thick tea, the rich flavor fills your mouth. Thick tea is very dense or I could say heavy, so you can taste each flavor of matcha, umami, sweetness, and bitterness with a long finish. Usually high grade matcha is used for thick tea.
I think thick tea is not as popular as thin tea. I know some places, restaurants, hotels or café that serve matcha, but they are usually thin tea. I hadn’t known thick tea until I stared learning The Way of Tea. You can experience thick tea at tea ceremonies or tea schools, but I don’t know where else you can try it. I guess there are many Japanese who have never tried thick tea. When you have fine matcha, why don't you try thick tea? Have a nice day.

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