Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Senbe at Senbe-do in Takayama

I hope everyone is fine at countries suffering by big chill now.

We visited Tkayama in Gifu prefecture on our holiday trip. Takayama has popular streets with old houses remaining from Edo period where many tourists visit. There are merchants’ houses, sake breweries, and private houses there. The other day, I introduced senbe (Japanese rice cracker) on my blog. It’s one of the best snack for green tea, I think. There is my favorite senbe shop, called Senbe-do on the ancient street in Takayama. They have many kind of senbe; soy, sugar, red peppers, seaweed-rapped, miso and more, and are grilling some senbe at the front of the shop. It gives off a nice roasted senbe smell to the street, and people follow the smell into the shop. My favorite is basic soy senbe. I like their senbe for the good crunchy texture and delicious soy flavor by backing until beautiful brown. We bought a package of the soy senbe, but I forgot to take a picture before we ate, sorry… If you have a chance to visit Takayama, try their senbe. Have a nice day!

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