Monday, January 11, 2010

Matcha on New Year day

Hello, everyone! I usually have matcha with our family on New Year day’s tea time. It’s a kind of our family custom, which I started. So, we usually buy matcha and sweets for it on the end of year. There are some Japanese-style confection stores in my town. Our favorite store is Azumaken. They make very exquisite confectionery that is pleasing to the eye, which is why I love about them. Azumaken always has different selections in season. They especially have good selections around New Year day. These are the sweets from Azumaken.

We visited my grandpa at nursing home on New Year day. We brought matcha and tea set, and had matcha there (^-^) He doesn’t look happy in this picture, but actually he was very much happy and enjoyed matcha with us. We were so glad that we could have tea together this year again. Have a nice day!

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