Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sweets of the day, Nov 25 ‘09 – Jan 6 ‘10

Here are the sweets from past tea lessons. I don’t remember how tastes were liked for some of them (^_^;)

Nov 11
It is difficult to see, but it has yellow ginkgo leaf design.

Nov 30

Dec 2
This was very interesting confectionery. Real dry persimmon is used for this sweet. Been pest was inside. Japanese confectionery are often formed into shapes with been past that reflect the seasonal food, flower or scenery. But this one is used real flutes.

Dec 9
It is chestnut shape, and had small pieces of chestnut.

Dec 16

Dec 28

Jan 6
At Hatsugama, there are two kind of sweets are served. Sweet in the round tray is called hanabira-mochi, which has burdock root in it. Look at the picture. Something sticking out from the sweet is the burdock. It is special sweet for New Year. I don’t usually like it very much, but this year’s one was better. It was not that bad, I thought. Sweet on the square trey is higashi, dry confectionery

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