Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hojicha at kaiseki cuisine

Good morning everyone! At Suimeikan, the dinner was kaiseki cuisine, Japanese multi-course meal. The courses are served in turn to match pace at which people are eating. The local specialty, Hida beef was featured in this kaiseki. The interesting dish was raw beef sushi. The beef could have been slightly grilled, but it was pretty much raw. It must have been very fine and fresh beef. Raw beef for sushi? Isn’t it novel, is it? Actuary, it was quite good. I liked it. It was raw beef, so kind of chewy. But, I think it was very tender for raw beef. There are some other Hida beef dishes and some others. They are all great and I was very satisfied with the dinner. Here again, the tea served with the dinner was hojicha. Hojicha is very popular tea for meal in Japan. They served a cup of hojicha in the beginning, and left a teapot with hojicha on our table for refills.
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