Friday, January 8, 2010

Bad matcha-latte with fine matcha

Hi, everyone! I usually spend time with my family on the New Year day.
In Japan, people enjoy traditional New Years Osechi dishes, which are usually prepared in order to be preserved for at least three days so housewives don't have to cook during that period. Our relatives used to gather at my parents home, and had osechi on New Year days. So, my mother used to took several days cooking ocheshi every end of year. But since the last year, my grandparents are not at the house anymore, my mother stared buying osechi from a store. The picture is for the osechi we had this year.

My wife, Hiro made matcha-latte for herself on the New Year day.
1. 2 scoop (2g) of match and sugar into a teabowl
2. Pour hot milk (60ml) into the teabowl
3. Mix the matcha and milk with a tea whisk for 20 seconds
She made it as my usual recipe. She used very fine matcha for it, which we bought just for New Year holidays. But, she didn’t like the latte. It tasted like something's missing. I think the latte needed more bitterness. Fine matcha is very generous and has less bitterness. Fine mellow matcha and milk made the latte too mild. I think more reasonable bitterer matcha will suit for matcha-latte; like strong bitter espresso makes good cafĂ©-latte. So when you make matcha-latte, don’t use expensive matcha. Use cheep one (^-^) Have a nice day!

* After using the tea whisk with milk, immediately rinse it with running water really well; remained milk component can be a cause of getting mold.

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