Monday, January 25, 2010

Sweet from Oguchiya, Hiro’s favorite

Lucky us! We got to see classic music concerts two months in a law. So, we went to Nagoya this weekend again. We were absorbed in Beethoven Symphony No. 7. I felt cheerful sense and tremendous energy in various expression. Now I’m listening to it over writing this blog.

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My favorite part is jubilant note from a quiet around 3:00.

After the concert, we looked for a Japanese confectionery shop in Nagoya, called Oguchiya. Once Hiro had a chance to have a confectionery rapped with a leaf from Oguchiya, and she really loved it. She was sure Oguchiya has a branch in one of department stores in Nagoya. We found it in Sakae-Mituskoshi, got the confection she’d had before. The sweet is called Anpu-sankira. I had it on tea time today, with sencha. It had smooth been past covered soft and springy gluten. When you bring the sweet to your mouth, you can smell faint aroma of leaf. I liked the comfortable sweetness and earthy flavor.

*You don’t eat the leaf.

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