Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Green tea for a summer gift

Hi, everyone! There is a gift-giving custom in Japan. The summer gifts are called "ochugen", and the year-end gifts are "oseibo". We present gifts to someone who has done something for you like a teacher, a boss, relatives or business contacts. Green tea is one of popular item for ochugen or oseibo.

We are not exemplary people to follow this custom, but at least we want to present the gifts to our tea master. So, the other day we went to a tea shop in my town to look for the summer gift for her. The tea shop has a lot of selection of tea, sencha, hojicha, matcha, genmaicha, oolong, and so on. I always get little excited in the large selection. They even have many choices for sencha. We got two packages of tea, fine sencha and kabusecha. Kabusecha is a nice tea; it’s like in between gyokuro and sencha. I hope our master will like them.

Take care!

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