Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The air brews delicious green tea? 3

I did the tasting of tea with two kind of water. Today’s blog is a sequel to the past two blogs, please check them.

***Common Conditions***
Tea leaves: Deep-steamed sencha 4g
Water: 70 degree C 160ml
Serving : Two cups at one brewing (70ml*2cups)

Unfortunately, I could not find significant difference in these teas. Brewed tea color, density and aroma were almost same. I also tasted the same elements of flavor from both teas, and the tastes were in the same direction. The slight difference what I notice was the feeling. I felt the same qualities as the waters I tasted yesterday.
Theory A: Tea by water with less air
The flavor came straight. It was clear and bold, and little heavier than Tea B. The tea naturally conformed to my tongue. I felt faint sweetness in the aftertaste.
Theory B: Tea by water with much air
When I drank this, my mouth was filled with the tea. It had a longer tail, and I could feel comfortable bitterness for a while.

30 minutes later, I tested the same teas which got cold. I could not find any difference in them. They were the same.

I can’t say which tea is better or more delicious. It depends to each his/her own taste. I think they are almost the same, but Tea A is straighter and Tea B has longer finish. I need to try and learn them more. With the feeling I got from today’s tasting, I would have Tea A when I want to enjoy tea itself. I would try Tea B at meal, because the tea that remains in your mouth longer could refresh your mouth better. What do you think?

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