Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tokoname teapot artist, Yokei

Tokoname is one of the poplar ceramic production regions for teapots in Japan. There are many skilled craftsmen there. It is said that Tokoname teapots are well designed not only for beauty, but also for utility. The details determine the quality of teapots, such as the angle of handle, shape of spout tip, strainer, and fitting of lid and body, which are well-done with Tokoname teapots.

Let me introduce one of artists from Tokoname. It is Yokei. He studied at a ceramic school in Seto. His father was also a teapot craftsman in Tokoname. After graduation, Yokei worked with his father, and was trained. Now he is one of experienced teapot artists in Tokoname.

Here is a good example of Yokei’s work, Yohen flat teapot. He creates great yohen pattern, discoloration of ceramic. After first firing, he adjusts and finishes the fitting of lid and body, then he fire the teapot again with rice husks. The rice hanks create the beautiful yohen. Each piece has unique yohen hue and pattern. It is the one of a kind, and makes each teapot special.
Ordinary teapots have a hole on lid. He places two holes for balanced design to this spacious lid. The holes give interesting accent to the teapot. Other details like spout or strainer are also carefully crafted.

Yokei’s products at our shop, Everyone’s Tea
Yohen flat teapot by Yokei
Yohen fukurogata teapot by Yokei

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