Friday, February 5, 2010

The air brews delicious green tea?

How are you doing? It is still cold here and little snowing outside. How do you prepare hot water for tea? I have heard two different theories regarding air in hot water for tea brewing .

Theory A: Water with less air infuse better tea
When brewing tea, you sometimes find few floating tealeaves on water surface. With this theory, invisible small air bobbles in the water stick to tealeaves and buoy some of them. It inhibits good infusion, and makes tea pale. Therefore this theory tells to take out the air from water by boiling the water really well. You won’t find floating tea leaves in well boiled water, and can prepare delicious tea. Also, well-boiled water is used at official tea tasting.

Theory B: Water with much air makes better tea
By boiling, water loses air in it. So by pouring the hot water from height, you can give the air back into the water (see a picture). With this theory, water with much air tastes milder, and infuses milder delicious tea than air-less flat water does.

What do you think? Have you heard of either theory? I don’t know which is true. Before testing teas with both theories, I thought I should try just both water. I’ll review the water tasting on the next blog! See you next week!

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