Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Which is popular? Gyokuro or Sencha?

What kind of Japanese tea do you drink? Many of our customer at oversea are drinking gyokuro. I mainly drink sencha. Do you know which kind of tea is popular in Japan? Gyokuro? Sencha?

The most produced tea in Japan is …

1. Sencha!

And the next is …
2. Bancha
3. Kabusecha
4. Tamaryokucha
5. Tencha (ingredient of matcha)
And then
6. Gyokuro

Isn’t it interesting? Gyokuro is produced less than on one hundredth of sencha in Japan. Gyokuro seems popular oversea but not so much in Japan. Maybe Japanese think gyokuro is little too expensive for daily tea. I like gyokuro but actually don’t purchase it so often. Kabusecha is a type of tea in between sencha and gyokuro, so it has more umami than sencha and is more refreshing than gyokuro. It is usually reasonable than gyokuro. You might like kabuseha, if you love gyokuro.

*Type of green tea >>>

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