Monday, February 8, 2010

The air brews delicious green tea? 2

How are you doing everyone! This weekend we went to a sake brewery, Onnajoshu in Ena, Gifu prefecture. They are holding events on every weekend in February, called “kuragiraki” for releasing of the new sake of this year. We are not big drinker, but we came here for free sake for three years in a law. They were offering three kinds of sake of this year for free tasting. So there were many happy drunks around. We thought somehow this year sake tasted better than before. There was a gentleman next to us who seems love sake and knows about it. He talked to us, and he said that Onnajoshu made excellent sake this year. According to him, sake test different each year like wine does, which I didn’t know. So, sake we tasted was actually better than previous years. And he also said that this sake is categorized in dry sake, however good dry sake doesn’t have any pungent taste, and even have sweetness and fruity flavor like this sake does. It sure had sweetness and fruity flavor, and was extremely smooth. It was so good. I don’t have much experience on sake, but this was one of the best sake I ever had! The bland I loved was “shinmai-ichibanshibori” which is a winter-limited product. If you have a chance to visit our region, try this year’s “shinmai-ichibanshibori” from Onnajoshu (Iwamurashuzo)!

Onnajoshu webpage (Japanese):

Okay, let’s talk about tea now. This is a sequel to the last blog. If you haven’t read the previous one, please read it.

I prepared two kind of hot water. One is water with less air and another one is water with much air. I expected that there is not big difference in the tastes. When I tasted them, I didn’t actually find a difference in taste. But I got a different feeling from these waters.

A: Water with less air (Well-boiled water)
It was heavier than Water B, but also smoother. It hugged my tongue. It seemed seeping into my mouth.

B: Water with much air (Well-boiled water poured twice from height )
It was lighter and milder than Water A. It remained longer in my mouth.

I thought it was very interesting to get this result; same taste but different feeling. I'd rather like Water A for water itself, even it was heavy. I’m very curious which water makes more delicious tea. Water A could make smoother tea. Or Water B which remains longer in your mouth could make tea with better aftertaste. I’ll make teas with these waters, and report you next time. See you soon!!

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