Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I walked though a Starbucks the other day. I found an interesting new item on their signboard. It was Hojicha-latte. What? I have never seen a latte with hojicha. That’s new! I guess this is an original item at Japanese Starbucks. I wonder how it tastes like. I assume it’s like milder chai? Hojicha does not have as much bitterness as English tea has, so Hojicha-latte would be milder. I didn’t have time to stop by, so next time, I’ll try it.


  1. hi kohei,
    i like to check out your blog, and i love tea of all kinds!
    this year i tried kurikinton for the first time because it looked so delicious in your pictures. >_<
    i have had the hojicha tea latte, and it was pretty good! i don't like sweetened hojicha, though, so i ordered it without the sugar syrup.

  2. Hi, the girl-san, Oh, you did have the latte! Actually I did, too! >>>