Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Japanese green-tea online shops

Where do you purchase your green tea? At tea shop or supermarket in your town? Or at online shop? One of our customers from Sweden told me that it's difficult to find good tea stores in Sweden. It seems most tea stores there don't know how to handle tea. How about teashops in your country?
I don’t usually buy my tea on the internet, so I don’t know any good online green-tea shops. But, I though Japanese tea shops could know how to handle tea better than some green-tea shops oversea like in Sweden. So, I looked for online teashops located in Japan that have English website and do international shipping. I thought I could find some shops that are not popular internationally yet, but appear on Japanese internet search. Surprisingly, it was difficult to find that kind of teashop. I could find some online shops offer international shipping, but most of them don’t have their English site. Here are a few tea shops in Japan I found, which have English website and international shipping.

They are a tea retail shop from Kyoto. They have nice informative webpage.

Yamechanosato >>>
They are located in Fukuoka prefecture where is well known for Yame tea. They produce tea themself. Please find a “English Here” button at the upper right on their home page. It will translate the pages.

I’m sorry that I am not responsible for the products or services from the listed websites. Please visit them if you are interested in. You might or might not find good Japanese tea (^-^)


  1. Hi! I am also a student of chanoyu. Occasionally I come to read your journal. I enjoy your posts. I wanted to recommend another place for good tea: The owner of this website is very nice! Also, she orders exactly the tea you ask for straight from Japan, so the tea is always very fresh.

    Good luck with your studies! Have a nice day :)

  2. Hi, Tracy-san, Thanks for sharing!

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