Friday, March 5, 2010

The best of bottled green tea, “O-i, ocha with umami of gyokuro

Hi, everyone! Last night, I went to a supermarket. I’ve bough Japanese confectionery on impulse. It was sakuramochi, which I’ve introduce on this blog the other day. I also found a bottle of green tea, “O-i, ocha with umami of gyokuro”. I had never tried it before, so I bought it.

After dinner, we placed sakuramochi on kaishi, and the tea into a cup with saucer. Although they were cheap sweets and tea from a bottle, don’t they look nice? I had a sip of tea first. I wanted to taste the tea well before my mouth was contaminated by sweetness of confectionery. “O-i, ocha with umami of gyokuro” didn’t have much aroma, but I think this is one of the best bottles of green tea I ever had. It was very mellow. It sure had umami, but I thought the hallmark of this tea was the sweetness. It had very rich and nice sweetness that I had never found in bottles of tea. The bitterness was very mild. The modest bitterness brings out the sweetness more. After having sakuramochi, by the contrast of sweetness, it was difficult to enjoy the sweetness of the tea, but the comfortable bitterness of the tea stood out. I really enjoyed the tea and sakuramochi.

“O-i, ocha with umami of gyokuro” is a blended tea of sencha, tencha(the ingredient of matcha) and gyokuro. It has less caffeine than ordinary tea. I’ve done tea tasting for other brands before. Namacha was my best then. But now I think “O-i, ocha with umami of gyokuro” with rich sweetness will be my best. I would sometime like to taste the both Namacha and this tea at the same time, and make sure.

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