Monday, March 22, 2010

Water for green tea 2

As you see in the picture, I have tasted all these five types of waters first. 
(From left to right: Japanese water, Crystal Geyser, Tap water, Volvic, Evian)

Japanese Water
Natural and tasteful

Crystal Geyser
has mineral taste and full body

Tap Water
Not hard, but has little chlorinated taste

Mellow and mild

Evianhard and has distinctive mineral taste

The indicated number of water hardness doesn’t seem always the same with what people actually taste. I tested mildness with Japanese Water and Volvic. On the other hand, I found little mineral flavor in Crystal Geyser and Evian. Tap water had a tang of chlorine. I liked Japanese Water best. Hiro, my wife liked Volvic. Japanese seem like mild water. We found certain differences in these five waters, and I wonder how they affect the taste of tea. I’ll write about it tomorrow.

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