Friday, March 12, 2010

Traditional sweets at Inatanidochu

The way home from Nagiso, we visited to a cultural theme park, Inatanidochu. You can learn and experience history of this reason. They look like a Japanese old village, but are not real one like Tsumago or Magome.

We had a tea at a Japanese café. They had free green tea. We ordered typical and traditional Japanese sweets.

I had a match with sakuramochi. Yes, sakuramochi, here again! I told you that sakuramochi is my favorite confection for the spring. But the sukuramochi was little different from the one I know. The cherry leaf outside and sweet bean paste inside are the same. The middle staff covering the bean paste is different. One from my region is a kind of rice cake, called Domyoji. The one I had here was something like thin pancake. I think sakuramochi here is Kanto-style (Tokyo) and sakuramchi at my reason is Kansai-style (Osaka).

My wife Hiro, had rice dumpling. One has sweet been paste, and another one has sweeted soy sauce.

My father had zenzai. This is also little different from our local one. This zenzai is sweet been past with rice dumplings and chestnuts.

My mother had anmitsu, which are bean jam, agar, ice-cream and pieces of fruit served with syrup

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