Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yame-sencha from Mikuniya-zengoro

Last night I had a Yame-sencha from Mikuniya-zengoro. It was 1050yen for 90g package. Yame in Fukuoka prefecture is a popular region of sencha producing, and also one of the biggest gyokuro producing region in Japan.

Tea: 4g
Water: 150ml / 70 degree C
Time: 2 minutes

The leaves were little uneven in size. The brewed tea color was nice sencha yellow. The taste was good, and I liked it. It has well-balanced taste, and very similar flavor with Shizuoka-sencha I always have. I found condensed umami attack first, and then bitterness came after. I felt bitterness slightly too strong, but it must have due to the brewing condition. It will be adjusted by shortening infusing time. One and half minutes or less will make it better.

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