Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tea at Hotel Kisoji

The hotel we stayed at Nagiso was Hotel Kisoji. We’ve been there several times. I think they are a middle class hotel. They offer typical room and good dinner at reasonable price. I like the rooms at Sumimeikan better. The tea provided at guestroom was three kinds of instant tea, green tea, hojicha, and plum&seaweed flavor tea. So, there was no teapot. There were just teacups and an electric kettle.

Dinner was served at a restaurant in the hotel. We were lucky that we were led to a private room, which had a little tokonoma (alcove in a traditional Japanese room where art or flowers are displayed). The dinner was great Japanese cuisine.

What I love about Hotel Kisoji is their hot spring baths. They are wonderful. They have spacious indoor bath and open-air bath that you can feel the nature of Nagiso. The outside bath is like in a Japanese garden with rocks and trees. The hot spring comes out from a little waterfall, and flows down to bath to bath. It is pleasure to have a soak in a bath over viewing the sky and trees on mountains.

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