Thursday, March 18, 2010

Water for green tea

What kind of water do you use for brewing green tea? It is said that *soft water is better for Japanese green tea than hard water. More precisely, 40-90 degrees of water hardness, slightly acidic is good for Japanese tea. Japanese tap water is about 50-60 degrees of water hardness. Japanese water is relatively soft and good for green tea. So many people in Japan use tap water for tea, and I personally do too. I don’t use bottled water for tea, but I was curious how difference in the kind of water affects to the taste of green tea. I went to a convenience store and got three popular foreign brands of water and one Japanese bottled water. I’ll do tasting of these four kinds plus tap water, and brew green tea with them. I might not find significant difference in the result, but I’ll see for myself. Talk to you soon.

*In Japan, we use American measurement for water hardness. We sometimes call that under 100 degrees of water hardness is soft, and over 100 is hard, roughly.