Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Iced gyokuro at Nakamura-Tokichi Tea

The gate with a linen curtain is classic but very nice and appealing.  I could see the stone pathway approaching to the façade across the curtain.  I felt that something gracious will be back there.  We found this gate on the street to Byodoin-temple.  There are some other tea shops or cafes around the area but we decided to drop by this shop because of its welcoming frontage.

Konnichiwa, it’ Kohei(^^)  This is going to be the last post about my Kyoto trip.  We passed the gate and got in the café.  It is an old building and was partially remodeled. I could tell that the room we had a tea was used to be a tatami room, from the old fanlight and ceiling.  But, now it has been changed and you can get in with your shoes on.  The cafe has a very nostalgic atmosphere. 

I ordered a gyokuro tea set for cold brewing.  The set came on a tray with an instruction sheet.  You can prepare your own tea.  The instruction says “First, pour cold water into the teapot and wait for ten minutes.  Then, pour the tea into the glass with ice”   So I did.

It is totally different from ordinary gyokuro brewing.  Instead of brewing with a small amount of water, they told me to brew with plenty of water like sencha brewing.   I was curious how the taste will be.  And after I took a sip, I got the idea.  This gyokuro was very refreshing and at the same time it still had the rounded mellow flavor of gyokuoro.  This is iced gyokuro so it’s meant for a hot summer day.  I think this will be better than ordinary gyokuro on those hot days.  Worth to try it^^  Jah!

Nakamura-Tokichi Tea website (Japanese) >>>
Byodoin branch (We visited) >>>

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