Thursday, September 22, 2011

Malebranche , a café in Kyoto station

There is a café in Kyoto station that I’m always interested in.  It is a casual looking café but I could tell they serve Japanese tea by the colorful tetsubin teapots displayed by the window.  I finally had a chance to drop by with my wife.  It was the second night of our trip in Kyoto.  We were tired but wanted to have a break before going back to the hotel. 

Konnichiwa, it's Koheiヽ(^。^)ノ  It was a cozy place.  People from different walks of life were spending their time; a female office worker on the way home, a tourist couple, a group of female students and business people.  Some of them seemed having a tea set that comes with the tetsubin teapot.  I wanted to have something sweet so I didn’t try a tea set here.  I had matcha ice cream and my wife, Hiro had iced latte.  I made an excellent choice.

I have checked about this café, Malebranche on the internet.  (Webpage -Japanese- >>>  They are originally a confectionary shop and they have a popular green tea cookie.   What I was surprised about was that they don’t seem to serve green teas.  So what about the teapots I saw?  I could not find their official menu so I cannot say for sure, but they serve black tea with them.  Some people say they had hojicha, but I’ve never found that someone had green tea.  Disappointing…

Anyway, they are at a located very convenient place.  The ice cream I had was great and their green tea cookie sound very good.  I think it is a nice place to spend your spare time at the end of your sightseeing in Kyoto.  Jah!


  1. I just stumbled across your lovely blog! Thank you for the lovely write up on this cafe. I will have to visit it while we are in Kyoto.
    Looking forward to reading your other posts!
    xx NekoMama

    1. Hi, NekoMama-san,
      Thanks for stopping by! Do you sometimes go to Japan? There is another café in Kyoto station that I’m also interested in. Next time, I’ll try the other one and will report about it on my blog^^