Monday, September 26, 2011

Temples in Uji, Kyoto

On the third day in Kyoto, we visited Uji.  Mampukuji was the first stop there. 

We were welcomed by an angry guy,

Calm guys,

Smart men,

And Smiley guy

This Zen temple is established by Ingen, a monk from China.  It is said that he introduced Chinese kung-fu style tea.

Mampukuji (Japanese) >>>

Another temple we visited was Byodoin.  It was built about a thousand years ago.  It is considered as a world Heritage.

I believe that most of people who have visited Japan have seen the temple even if they haven’t visited Kyoto.   Can you think of where people can see the temple? 

On the back of 10yen coin.  Jah!

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