Friday, September 2, 2011

Coffee in a teapot

Last weekend, I went to a café run by a middle age couple.  It was a good representation of Japanese architecture located in countryside.  Once I got in the cafe, I smelled the air filled with rich coffee aroma.  Nice jazz has been played.  I instantly loved that place. 

Konnichiwa, it’s Kohei who is praying for the coming typhoon to go away for his Kyoto trip this weekend.  In the cafe, you can view the rice fields through the window behind the counter.  You can also see the bamboo tees that are slowly swinging once in a while.   At the cafe, the barista grinds the beans for individual orders. This makes it especially made for each customer.  The time passed by so slowly there.  I waited for my coffee while listening to jazz.   The coffee was excellent.  It was pretty different from what I usually have.  The fresh ground coffee had a very rounded taste which you won't be able to notice any bitterness or its acidity at all but all you can taste is the fullness of the flavor of the beans.  I loved it. 

I also had some sweets.  It came with a little teapot.  Espresso, which is inside the teapot, was served as the sauce for the sweets.  I poured the sauce over.  They absolutely taste good.  I carefully looked at the teapot at my perspective as a teapot enthusiast.  I checked the bottom and tried to look for the tea strainer.  The barista said that is a Chinese teapot.  I thought that time that it’s also nice to use a teapot other than for brewing tea.  Don’t you think it’s a good idea?  I enjoyed Japanese sweets with Western coffee and Chinese teapot. Jah!

Kagiya cofee (Japanese) >>>

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