Monday, September 12, 2011

The Kaboku Tearoom 2

In Japan, tonight is the night that you can see the most beautiful full-moon of the year.  People view and appreciate it.  I guess we are very romantic.  Do you guys have a similar day to appreciate the moon?

Konnichiwa, it’s Kohei.  At The Kaboku Tearoom, other people in my party ordered matcha, genmaicha and hojicha.  I took a sip of all of them.  I thought my choice was the best.  Other teas were also good but my sencha was the most distinctive and different from ordinary tea.  It was worth to try it.

While we were enjoying our tea, a lady came in the cafe and sat at the table behind us.  She seemed to be a foreign tourist who doesn’t speak Japanese.   She was asking if she can get some assists to prepare her tea.  One of the staff helped her at the table by giving instructions in English.  I also noticed that their menu was written both in Japanese and English.  I thought they are friendly to beginners and foreigners.  If you want to enjoy Japanese tea in Kyoto, The Kaboku Tearoom is a good place to visit.  

Try to view the moon tonight.  I guess we are watching the same moon, so it must be beautiful from your place as well.  Jah!


  1. I can confirm that going there even without speking japanese is a great experience. Staff is very kind. It makes a very nice break during a long day in Kyoto. Nice atmosphere.

  2. I've been to Kyoto 3 times already and I am planning my fourth trip there in the beginning of 2012. Kyoto is my all time favorite place in the world, Teramachi-dori one of my favourite streets with its antique shops, leading straight to the Imperial Palace. I am so impatient to walk this streets again !!

  3. Wow, three times already! Kyoto is my favorite place as well. When you mentioned Teramachi-dori, I didn’t know where it is. I’ve just looked at a map and found out that it is the street where the Ippodo Tea located! Maybe next time, I’ll walk the street more carefully to enjoy some other shops,hahaha^^. Have another nice trip to Kyoto!