Thursday, April 21, 2011

A tip for smooth matcha

Today, I wanted to show you a not so good matcha with lumps. I tried taking the photos of matcha prepared with sifted and non-sifted powder, but I failed to get the lumps in the matcha that I prepared. During the test, I noticed a significant difference between the two teas. Let’s take a look at how my test went (^_-)-☆

This test was for tea with lumps and without lumps. So, I didn’t use brand new tea. The tea is the one stored at home for a while. I sifted it for one bowl and didn’t for the other. I used about the same amount for both bowls but the sifted tea has more volume.

I added 50ml (1.8oz) hot water into both bowls and whisked them. I realized that the non-sifted tea didn’t get as foamy as the sifted one. The sifted tea got fine silky foam and the non-sifted one got coarse bubbles. I personally think that finer foam looks nicer.

I drank both bowls. I expected having lumps left in the bowl of non-sifted tea but actually I did not get any of them. (Maybe I was too good at whisking, hehehe^^) That means I failed to reach the initial goal. But you know what … I noticed something important thing on the result of sifting.

It is the taste!! The both teas have totally different taste. The tea I used was the same tea. The difference is just the sifting before making. I was so surprised with the result. I didn’t like the non-sifted tea at all. The taste was poor and I got an unpleasant flavor at the center of my tongue. On the other hand, sifted tea was mild and smooth. The flavor filled my mouth. I love it much better.

I had tried both sifted and non-sifted tea before. I sensuously knew the sifted tea is better but today I truly realized their difference by trying and comparing them at the same time. It may not work for brand new tea but I think that it’s really worth to sift old tea even if sifting is troublesome. Please try it if you have old matcha left at home ♪( ´▽`)


  1. Very interesting I wonder what is the explanation of that? Maybe the old tea doesn't get worse that quickly just required stiff again according to this experiment..?? Thanks your blog teach me lots.

    1. Hi, Thiti-san, The sifted tea has finer particles, so I think that the substances are extracted better.