Thursday, April 14, 2011

I have tried the double-processed method

As I mentioned on the last entry, I actually tried the double-processed brewing and the standard brewing as well.

Water: 70ml, 70degC (158degF)
Tea leaves: 3g of kabushecha

A: standard brewing
Brewing time >> One minute
I put the tea leaves and hot water and brewed it for one minute.


B: double-processed brewing
Brewing time >> 20sec with a little water + 50sec with whole water
I put the tea leaves into the teapot and poured a little hot water, just enough to cover the tea leaves.  

The leaves absorbed the water and changed their color. It took about 15-20sec. The leaves looked like this.

Then I poured rest of the water and left it for another 50sec

These are the teas that I have brewed. Tea B was darker and little murkier.

A: Tea brewed with standard way
This tea had an exact density. A nice accord of bitterness and sweetness filled my mouth which reminds me of a breeze coming in from the window. And I found a trace of umami in the after taste.

B: Tea brewed with double-processed method
It had a bold attack of umami when I sipped it. It was sensational. The flavor was definitely richer and had a lingering aftertaste. I think that pouring additional water in the middle of brewing agitates the tea and water, and makes the tea murkier. It also helps to bring out full flavor of the tea.

Therefore, I conclude that Tea A is clearer in taste, and Tea B is richer. I can’t say which is better. It depends on your preference. If you want to enjoy nice and smooth tea, brew the tea in the standard way. When you want to enjoy the full potential of tea, then the double-processed method works better.

I expected not to have much difference in the result but actually there was a certain difference. Now I think I need to try whatever I’m curious about. You never know what you gonna get. Forrest Gump^^


  1. Thanks for this. Also I put you in one video
    I'm a begginer but aiming high :)

  2. rndmly-san,
    Thanks! Nice video. I like your cup^^